High Voltage Inspection Using Thermography

High Voltage Inspection Using Thermography

Electrical & Mechanical Services, Thermography, Infra Red Scanning Inspections, Thermal Imaging and Infra Red Inspections are just some of the services that BD Electrical Maintenance Services offer to the energy production and distribution industry.

Whilst we operate across South Australia, our primary geographical areas of focus are Port Adelaide, Adelaide Western Suburbs and Adelaide Southern Metro.

Preventative maintenance to avoid failures or break downs which may present serious risks to the security of supply.

Weakened materials, fatigue or cable breakages on the high-voltage lines are often the cause. Very often these are preceded by temperature fluctuations due to heightened resistance. Early detection of these deviations using infra red thermography can be prevented simply and efficiently which in turn avoids ongoing damage to components and the potential threat of power failures in high-voltage systems.

Every organisation involved in energy production & distribution should therefore turn to this type of preventative maintenance to ensure continuity of service therefore reducing potential downtime of plant and equipment.