Power Analysis

Power quality logging, electrical load studies and energy consumption testing


435_300dpi_71x100mm_D_NR-11101Load studies – verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
Energy assessments – quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices
Harmonics measurements – uncover harmonic issues that can damage or disrupt critical equipment
Voltage event capture – monitor for dips and swells that cause spurious resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping

Power Quality and Energy Analysis:


PowerWave data capture – capture fast RMS values to see every waveform so you can determine how the voltage, current and frequency values are interacting
Power inverter efficiency – Power inverter efficiency
Energy monetization – calculate the fiscal cost of energy waste due to poor power quality
Energy assessment – quantify the before and after installation improvements in energy consumption to justify energy saving devices
Frontline troubleshooting – quickly diagnose problems on-screen to get your operation back online
Predictive maintenance – detect and prevent power quality issues before they cause downtime
Long-term analysis – uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues Load studies – verify electrical system capacity before adding loads